Dr. S. Shazia Farhana

General Physician

MBBS, MD General Medicine Gold Medalist


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Meet the Best General Physician in Tolichowki, Hyderabad

Educational Qualifications:

  • MD General Medicine, Guntur Government Hospital.
  • MBBS, Katuri Medical College & Hospital, Guntur.
  • Professional Background:

  • Consultant General Physician, PRK Hospitals.
  • Worked as Civil Assistant Surgeon Specialist, Area Hospital, Vikarabad.
  • Served as Senior Resident in Department of General Medicine, Area Hospital, Golconda.
  • Completed Internship as Duty Medical Officer, Katuri Medical College.
  • Awards & Accodales:

  • Received Gold Medal in Community Medicine, Katuri Medical College & Hospital.
  • Publish Paper recognisation on disease & outcome:of HIV with Neurological Diesease: Diff between Men & Women at 44th AP API Conference, Vijayawada.
  • Thesis on correlation between fasting & post prandial serum triglycerides and severity of stroke.

  • Expertise and Dedication

    Dr. Shazia, Best Doctor in Tolichowki brings a wealth of expertise to her practice, with a focus on preventive medicine, chronic disease management, and general health and wellness. She, regarded as the Best General Physician in Hyderabad believes in taking a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not only the physical aspects of her patients' health but also their emotional and mental well-being.

    Compassionate Care

    Dr. Shazia understands that visiting the doctor can be a daunting experience for some patients. That's why she takes the time to listen to her patients' concerns, answer their questions, and develop personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs. She strives to create a supportive and nurturing environment where her patients feel comfortable and empowered to take an active role in their own health.

    Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shazia today and experience the difference that compassionate, personalized healthcare can make in your life. She looks forward to welcoming you to One Health Specialty Clinics and partnering with you on your journey to better health.